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Digital Transformation:

  • Content
  • Business Process
  • Customer Experience
  • Modern Business Requirements
  • Marketing Requirements in the digital era

Velocis is ready to partner with you to add this transformation, whether you want it to be in the comfort zone of your secure Enterprise or a security enabled public Cloud

Document Management and WebCenter Content

End-to-end Document Management with integration with E-Business Suite/ Fusion attachments, and People Soft integration.

Infrastructure Architecture: Enterprise- Wide Integration

  • Fusion Middleware Implementation Building Blocks: Identify, Analyze, Propose, Design and Implement.
  • Discovery Phase: Fusion middleware architects with experience on the varying components, dives into the details of the current scenario and the problems that need to be solved by the new implementation.
  • Many implementations get into contentious states because the customer, integrators and vendors are not clear on the problem that need to be solved.
  • Solutions that will be provided with be that of ones that should integrate into the existing applications in the enterprise.