Technology Solutions – Velocis Technologies

Digital Transformation

  • Content
  • Business Process
  • Customer Experience
  • Modern Business Requirements
  • Marketing Requirements in the digital era
Velocis is ready to partner with you to aid this transformation, whether you want it to be in the comfort zone of your secure enterprise or a security enabled public cloud.

Enterprise Security

Velocis Technologies can partner with you to secure your enterprise

Identity and Access Management – Cloud and On-prem
  • User Management
  • Password Management
  • Self Service Profile Management
  • MFA – Multi-factor authentication
User and Resource Provisioning
  • Provisioning on-prem and in the cloud
  • Hybrid User Provisioning
  • Oracle identity Management
Single Sign On
  • Single Password for all the enterprise application
  • Zero Logins – Let the domain trust authenticate you :
Windows Native Authentication
  • Secure Your Cloud Investments
  • Public Cloud
  • Security Enabled
  • Extend the Enterprise
  • Security to the Cloud Resources.


Every time you think of something good that could be accomplished using an internet- connected device, somebody else will be thinking about something bad that can be done to exploit that capability. We provide professional services to Mitigate risk and protect your enterprise resources (on-prem and in the cloud) from malicious actors. Velocis Cybersecurity practice Highlights: Governance Program
  • Strategically align cybersecurity efforts with business strategies to support organization objectives;
  • Support risk management by enforcing necessary controls to mitigate risks;
  • Reduce the impact of security breaches on information resources; and
  • Improve resource management by efficiently managing cybersecurity knowledge and infrastructure
  • CSIRT – Computer Security Incident Response Team
Risk Analysis
  • Identify gaps in your environment architectures that that exposes vulnerabilities.
  • Construct a stronger security framework and appropriate Policies.
  • Meet Enterprise compliance requirements
  • Cyber threat analysis
  • Targets analysis
  • Exploitation Analysis
Threat Detection, Mitigation and Prevention
  • Assisting the CSIRT handling the attack and gathering forensic information for reporting.
  • Protect and Defend
    • Computer Network Defense
    • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
    • Incident Response
  • Collect and Operate
    • Collection Operations
    • Cyber operations planning
    • Cyber Operations
  • Mitigation Strategy
  • Compliance

Infrastructure Management

Velocis Infrastructure Management practice :
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Implementation
  • Managed Service
    • Monitoring and reporting – 24×7
    • Pro-active Maintenance
    • Patches and Updates
    • Secure the Enterprise
  • Infrastructure Investments